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The other side of Nothing [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
obiter dicta

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a bit of n idea of a different worldview [May. 25th, 2005|05:55 pm]
obiter dicta
This was what I came up with in answering (after even some editing) in answer to a question along the lines of .. so what is your vision for the world. came at an oppurtune time so I tried to answer it best I could.. Still pretty scattered and incomplete, but something is better thn nothing usually.

I guess I would like to imagine a world where...
there was a fair chance for everyone to be able to do what they
want/dream to do hopefully more in the spirit of bettering the world
rather than indulging themselves and I guess where form and function of
our environment work together more naturally rather than artificially.
More of a symbosis of the technocentric human lifestyle and
ecosystem/nichecentric lifestyle of nature. more of a meshing
together. Having peopel much more conscious of their actions and
interactions with a tendancy for more creative and ebduring or at
least sustaining social social institutions woudl also be nice..Figure
with all that, peace and a progressive more sustainale or at least
more creative social development should be attainable..Some more
practical idea son how to attain this..???

I guess what I was mostly looking trying to be able to look toward
working on through grad school was looking at the world in a more
multilayered way. more aware and accounting for more aspects of the
world especially when making policy decisions about things on local
and regional levels.. What I was thinking of as a PhD project would
be to try to
a) with the aid of many different organizations try to come up with
i.. As comprehensive databases of as many layers of information as
ii try to begin gathering more real time polling data or relevant
questions to
quality of life and or political positions as possible,,, With the
hope of more
authentic democracy (both by more accurate picture of populace, but also by
empowering populace to be able to believe that their opinion matters
iii use datafor better social planning as well as prediction..
with strategy of planning to optimize quality of Life. both for human
beings but also in this completely altered biosphere we live in. by
accepting that we can work with natural systems instead of keeping
them at bay, we can have urban areas more wild and rural areas more
accessible to conveniences of urban life

(already doing this with cell phones) (another project woudl be to
have a automated conveyer system for frieght that would at least go
town to town and in urban areas to building at least for limiting
congestion via large trucks for many small goods liek foodstuffs,

also using zepolins or otehr cheaper transport and government stipends
to encourage travel especially betwen countries on some regular basis
(once a year) should encourage less intensive land use and more
expansive, less trapped view of looking at the world. hopefuly greater
crosscultural integration and hopefully less conflict. lot of money
needs to be put in and most likely a lot of security and education at

I guess another idea would be the adoption of two things to help
bolster more democratic rather than representative(in which the
exclusion of a majority of the populace usually makes the aims be

A. Instigation of at first a large movement of people .. at least
100,000 to 500,000 people nation wide and evnetually to hopefully
become a permanent new wing of government.. but an
investigative/integrative task force that would be seeking to root out
corruption, find out what the populace really wants by as much face to
face or at least direct polling on a no more than 100 to 1 ratio or so.
Also striving to deal with problem of insufficient wages for a fully
functional life (not so limited by having to work to get money to
possible be happy at some point as their major activity in life). As
well as other quality of life issues. such as inequality of
developmenmt and upkeep of infrastructure in community I guess more
of an equaliztion of wealth by an equalization of oppurtunity..
starting from the middle and working outward.to try to deal in
international as well as domestic policy at the same time and merging
these issues by pilot program of free travel and relocation vouchers
for people in depressed conditions not feeling like they need a fresh
start (very limited via lottery at first of interested parties till
proof of concept happens)..
Got a little lost.. but yeah this group of people eventually elected
would be trying to fill the democratic empowerment gap between the
legislative and executive branches and the people. with the belief that
an empowered populace will educate itself enough to be abe to be
effective participants more than the current less empowered one wjo
have to just sluggishly move through life.. etc.. will clean this up
or find a better treatment of this later..

B. create a pool of perhaps private donations form corporations or
the government of a large lump of money (say a billion dollars) that
would be distributed on community projects based on % of populace
voting for projects. anyone could submit a project do it cou be for a
large ostrich racing stadium in utah.. but funds divided on a
percentage basis . or perhaps top 100 winners would get a slidig
scale with top 10 getting 20 million and the rest dividing the
remaining 20 million accordingly..
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New Beginning in (r)evolutionary blogging (for me at least) [May. 22nd, 2005|07:40 pm]
obiter dicta

Let's just pretend this is the beginning. Not actually very good advice from some sort of social progress perpective since the past is often what keeps the evolution of society down or at least less fresh than it could be.. but...

Personally, at least for the momet will try to divorce myself at least for this momet of beginning from my present quandry of: "What should I do now." At least until I can try to paraphrase what I'd liek to accomplish in this new era of journaling.

So I guess what are some things I want to accomplish?

Well that's for next episode. But the next episode should be a lot sooner than I'd normally think.

Maybe even revise this entry until iit seems pretty close to right..

Soo.. ssoooooooon!
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A slight update again.. [Feb. 16th, 2005|01:34 am]
obiter dicta
Hmm.. Takes so longto think to start. To begin again.. Maybe its because I never come into trying to update this really fresh...


So have gotten somewhat into a rhythm at Howard's again. have a littel more free time. comtinueing to go to some of the events here especially the discussion groups. Actually pretty good sometimes. Especially teh discussion groups. Go sesne of flow for $10, stimulating conversation. Though a little cerebral/caught up in the joy of living in the now with some of the crowd. Can get more than what you put in iof you try I think.. But suppose that could be anything.

Guy I work for has been exciting some peopel about a new concept for a nonprofit/thinkank/PR Team/Action engine to change the nature of the headlines. Can almost get behind it and push on the message. Been meetig a lot of interesting peopel, makign some closer connections. Remembering myself more, finding new bits hiding behind corners here and there. Went to a poetry reading/slammish thing Saturday 9more details before the next one and read one of my old poems and felt a really mnice collection of energy there. Pretty empowering, might try to get back into it a bit. thinking of goign to one poetess that I though was really good tomorrow to talk a little maybe recite another poem from the old vaults. But it would be here. Guess her name was Toya Taylor.

Anyway, much more going on. will report more soon.

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